So the road to general wellness means a well balanced lifestyle with an ounce of prevention.  There are no two smiles, facial features, or physical types alike.  We are unique and wonderfully made with individual signatures.

We enjoy bringing smiles to our patients.  Below are actual clients treated by Dr. Huang to make their smiles healthy and natural.

So how may we at Village Dental Group make your smile healthy and beautiful?


Before:  Missing lateral incisor. The patient was also unhappy with the shape and inclination of her teeth.

After:  Ceramic bridges and veneers.


Before:  A traumatic fall with two broken upper anterior teeth!

After:  Same day emergency treatment with two upper anterior teeth that were fracture in a fall.   We directly treated that morning to bring the patient back to function and restored aesthetics immediately.

Before A beautiful lady who really disliked her smile yet she was too afraid to seek treatment for a long time.

After  A new beautiful smile with  different treatment modalities to suit her limited budget which included a ceramic bridge, tooth colour veneers and restorations.

Before Malshaped ceramic restorations.

After:  Restored anterior segment with ceramic restorations.

Before:  Worn down anterior upper teeth from grinding.

After Restored anterior teeth with ceramic restorations.


BeforeThe patient's initial impression was that she disliked the shape of her two front teeth.  They were uneven in size and shape.  The right central incisor is a ceramic veneer which does not match the left central incisor.  The left central incisor had a large tooth colour restoration that was constantly fracturing.

AfterThe two central upper incisors have been restored with more natural looking ceramic veneers/restorations and are more aesthetically pleasing  in size, shape, and symmetry.  The  patient was quite pleased with the final result.

Before:  A young male patient with congenital missing lateral incisors.

After:  Cosmetically bonded bilateral cantilever Emax Maryland bridges.  These are beautiful and very conservative in nature restoring function and aesthetics without any tooth preparation.

Before A patient had a right central incisor that was periodontally involved with very poor prognosis and severe gum recession.  The left central incisor is actually a bonded ceramic pontic (false tooth).

After The same male patient 15 months later with a fully restored anterior segment with an implant in place of the right central incisor and a left central ceramic pontic.  Beautiful aesthetics compliment the patient’s smile and function has been restored to the patient.

Before:  The patient had a severely discoloured right central incisor. His left central incisor had uneven textured enamel at the gumline.  He wanted conservative, non-invasive treatment at best.

After The patient's new smile now displays very conservative direct composite restorations bonding to the central incisors to even out the colours and textures.

Before:  Anterior crowns that were a little too light in colour with the left central incisor have a discoloured edge as this tooth had combination of filling (composite and ceramic crown).

After Anterior crowns that are now more natural in shape and colour (hue, chroma and value) to compliment the new smile.

Before:  A little guy only 9 years old on Thanksgiving Day was playing with his friends in the backyard jumping on the trampoline with parents supervision.  He slipped and fell down  the side of the trampoline. He hit his mouth and teeth on the metal supports fracturing his two front central incisors and luxating his lower anterior incisors.  Thank goodness we saw him right away and in 1/2 hour and were able to put his smile back together.  He  very courageous!   He is so lucky that he did not break any bones. 

After:  His after photo of his restored teeth during the same afternoon that the accident occurred on Thanksgiving Day!

BeforeThe patient had failing tooth colour restorations with decay in between his teeth that are visual with the photograph.  He was constantly getting food impaction between his teeth.  His teeth are quite worn from years of grinding.

After:   Definitive gold restorations were placed that protected the patient's "bite".  As the restorations were beautifully contoured, it serves the patient well.  Why do we use gold casting restorations?

  1.  It will not break.
  2.  It allows good and smooth finish margins.
  3.  It allows good tissue health.
  4.  It has no mercury.
  5.  It is cemented and will not abrade or wear the opposing teeth.
  6.  The coefficient of expansion is similar to tooth structure.

Before:  A young girl with two small peg laterals.

After:  The smile is both natural and beautiful now with conservative directly bonded composite restorations placed on the peg laterals.

  • Case 2 - Before

Before:  Fractured cusp on a premolar with an old amalgam restoration.

After:  Restored premolar with a ceramic onlay.