COVID-19 Update

In light of the developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Village Dental Group want you, our patients, clients, friends, neighbours and community to stay safe.  We are deeply shaken and concerned about the recent events that have happened yet our unwavering commitment is to care for you.  We are  following the recommendations of the BC Ministry of Health to suspend all elective and (non- essential) care temporarily.

Emergency dental care will not be interrupted and we are here for you if you are needing this service.  Our number one priority is concern for your health and well being.  We want to see you through this crises and together we stand and wait for a better tomorrow.

In these difficult times, there will be challenges for everyone and we wonder what will the future bring.  We thank you for you, the community, for allowing us to be your healthcare providers.

In the spirit of renewed hope it is a time to come together in unity of faith and hope.  Let us encourage one another.   We are also here to help in many more ways than you can believe.  Let us still continually communicate with each other;  to collaborate by helping each other and most importantly care for one another during this uncertain time.

In love and encouragement,

Dr. Leetty Huang

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Village Dental Group in the heart of Edgemont Village, North Vancouver continues a tradition of building strong relationships with our friends and neighbours on the North Shore and throughout the Vancouver area.

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Your greatest asset is your smile. What does it take to have a great smile? Healthy gums, healthy teeth, good general physical health, healthy heart, and do not forget a great attitude and outlook for life — hence each smile is noteworthy and special.

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Children are precious.  It is never to early to start them off on a lifetime journey of great dental health.  The development of teeth in each child is as unique to them as their first baby steps.


Chipped or cracked teeth — we utilize our teeth and mouth constantly and daily to laugh, smile, talk, swallow, eat, and drink.  Whatever incidental adventures our teeth go through, chips or cracks can occur.

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